The Wedding Ceremony of



08 . 19 . 2017
Parents of the Groom

Mr. Ken and Mrs. Karen Vacura

Parents of the Bride

Mr. Gordon and Mrs. Kathleen Hohmann

We Cordially invite you to the wedding ceremony
The Groom

Dan Vacura

Dedicated engineer. Avid skier.

The Bride

LuCinda Hohmann

True beauty with a great sense of humor. Can always make Dan smile.

Wedding & Reception
Ignite Glass Studios
August 19
Two Thousand and seventeen
Cocktails to start at 5:30 in urban garden


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  • Shuttle leaves Swissotel at 4:15 PM
  • Shuttle leaves Ignite Glass Studios at:
    • 8:30 PM; 9:30 PM; 10:30 PM; 11:30 PM; 12:15 AM

Enjoy prime views right off of the lake and river!

Our Story

From LuCinda's perspective

It's August 7, 2010. The reason I know the exact date is because it's marked on a photo I took that day that now hangs on our wall. It's Lollapalooza--the annual summer music festival in Chicago. I'm with my friend Debbi (one of my bridesmaids!) and we are headed home at the end of the night. It's 10pm -- all the stages have finished their last set and crowds of people are headed for the "L" (short for Chicago's elevated train system). Tired, Debbi and I find standing room on the Blue Line headed home to Ukrainian Village. As we stand together, a voice behind me pipes in, "So, you were at Lolla? That's cool. What bands did you see?" I look up at Debbi who glances at me and then reluctantly replies to the guy standing behind me. Small talk ensues between Debbi and the stranger. I zone out -- start to think about our plans for the next day. Then I realize the stranger is asking me a question directly. Heh? I'm so tired. What does this guy want? I turn and look over my shoulder at him and -- wait, what? Huh? Well, hello! Yeah, - I'll talk to this gorgeous guy! "Check out this video on my cell phone," he says and shoves a Motorola prototype smartphone in my hand.

Little did I know...

From Dan's perspective

Tim (my brother and best man) and I are having a great time at Lollapalooza. We stay until the very end and then tolerate the crowds as we head to the Blue Line. We are standing on the platform waiting for the train and I can't help but notice this girl. She is standing on the platform, looking off into the distance. Her eyes. She has these amazing green eyes. "Hey, so I'm gonna get on the train down there. I gotta talk to this girl," I say to Tim. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him give me an "Uh-huh, sure" look before I dart my way through the crowd of people waiting to get on the train as it approaches. I manage to board right behind the girl and her friend (who of course, is Debbi in this story!). It's standing room only and I am almost directly behind them. I catch Debbi's eye and think -- now's my chance! "So, uh, you guys were at Lolla? Cool. Cool. What bands did you see?" Question after question and Green Eyes will not turn around. Nothing. Is she tired? Not interested? I gotta get her to talk to me! "So, what band was your favorite? Yeah, your favorite?" I ask her directly. She turns. Finally! She looks at me. She looks right at me - with those lovely green eyes.

What happened next?

So, what happened after the train ride? Well, we swapped phone numbers on the train and then text each other the following day at Lolla to try to meet up -- to no avail (it's a crazy big festival). We kept the text conversation going for about a week and then decided to meet up for dinner. Our first date was at Ruxbin on Ashland Ave. and then we headed to High Dive on Chicago Ave. for a post-dinner drink. We re-created that same date on the night we got engaged -- six years to the month after meeting at Lollapalooza in 2010!

Wedding Party


  • Brenda Nault
    • Matron of Honor - Sister of the Bride
  • Katherine Vacura
    • Bridesmaid - Sister of the Groom
  • Molly Fawcett
    • Bridesmaid - Childhood Friend
  • Becky Thorn
    • Bridesmaid - College Friend
  • Debbi Teska
    • Bridesmaid - College Friend


  • Timothy Vacura
    • Best Man - Brother of the Groom
  • David Hanrahan
    • Groomsman - Childhood Friend
  • Anthony Maslanka
    • Groomsman - Childhood Friend
  • Matthew Witt
    • Groomsman - Childhood Friend

Gift Registries

The most important gift to us is to have you share our day.

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